Day 1

 Forum of innovation support on sustainable & low-carbon aviation fuel and clean energies in the civil aviation sector.

“Clean fuel for sustainable aviation”

DATE: 10 October 2023

EVENT LOCATION: Multipurpose Hall, CAA, Muscat, Oman



07:30- 8:20


08:30- 9:00

Opening Session

1. Holy Quran

2. Speech by His Excellency the President of the Civil Aviation Authority.

3. ICAO’s Long-term Global Aspirational Goal, Ms. Jane Hupe, ICAO

4. Oman’s Civil Aviation Authority’s roadmap to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from the international civil aviation sector, Khalid Al.Toobi,CAA

5. Honoring the Sponsors 

Session 1

Deployment and Development of Sustainable, Low-Carbon Fuels and Clean Energies: Opportunities and Challenges

During this session, international experiences in the field of producing sustainable and low-carbon aviation fuel will be presented, in addition to, future plans, opportunities, and challenges associated with it 

09:45- 12:15

a.     Countries and Fuel Producers

1. Sustainable Alternative Fuels: Pathways, Opportunities and Benefits, Dr. Ali Al Chaar, CAA

2. United Arab Emirates and aviation fuel, Ms. Maryam AlBalooshi, UAE.

3. The potentials of LCAF production globally, Dr. Al Hassan Badahdah, KSA

4. SkyNRG's Experience as a Leader in the Production of Sustainable Aviation Fuels: Investment Opportunities and Challenges, Mr. Oskar Meijerink 

5. OQ alternative energy: Overview, Mr. Ghalib Al Maamari, OQ

 Moderator: Dr. Firas Al-Abduwani


12:45- 14:15

b. Manufacturers, Airline, and Airports

1. Sustainable Aerospace Together: Boeing’s sustainability strategy to decarbonize aviation, Mr. Mohamed Al Ghailani, Boeing  

2. Airbus sustainability roadmap to support the aviation’s decarbonisation, Gilles Biot

3. Airlines Challenges of using sustainable, low-carbon aviation fuels, Oman Air, Yahya Alhinai &, Capt. Maurizio Pezzoni, Salam Air

4. The use of alternative aviation fuels; clean energies in airports; needs, opportunities and challenges, Ali Alkhaifi, Oman Airport.

Moderator: Dr. Ali Al-Chaar, Oman CAA 

Lunch Break

End of Day 1