Moderators and Speakers

Ms. Jane Hupe, ICAO 

Ms. Jane Hupe is the Deputy Director responsible for the Environment programe at the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), and serves as the Secretary of the ICAO Council’s Committee on Aviation Environmental Protection (CAEP). Ms. Hupe has a vital role in providing leadership for ICAO’s efforts to define and promote policies and Standards for environmentally sustainable aviation, managing a portfolio that includes aircraft noise, local air quality, global climate, clean energy, and sustainable aviation fuels, adaptation, circular economy and a global market-based measure for international aviation. She currently leads the Organization’s efforts on green innovation for mitigation and adaptation.

Khalid Al. Toobi

Khalid Al. Toobi is a competent director for aviation environment protection at the Civil Aviation Authority in the Sultanate of Oman since 2023. He has extensive experience in climate change both in mitigation and adaptation, and holds certified credentials in greenhouse gas emissions inventory. Over the past years- 2008 to 2022, he has worked in various roles in the field of climate change, with his latest position being the director of the Climate Modeling Department. Khalid has contributed to the preparation of several national reports related to climate change, such as national communication, the biennial update report, and nationally determined contributions. He has also overseen the implementation of several projects funded by the Green Climate Fund.

Eng. Al Hassan Badahdah 

AL Hassan is a lead scientist with the Technology Strategy & Planning Department. (TSPD) as Saudi Aramco. His work focuses on the Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) of energy systems, especially oil and gas operations assessing the Carbon Intensity (CI) of those systems. He has co-authored several publications in peer-reviewed journals and has been a Fuels Task Group (FTG) member. FT focuses on the technical work required on sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) and lower carbon aviation fuels (LCAF) under the (CAEP) of the (ICAO). 

Eng. Maryam AlBalooshi

Eng. Maryam Al-Balooshi is the first Arab expert in the field of Aviation Environment started in 2006, to become the founder of Aviation Environment in UAE and the region. One of theFirst experts in the world was seconded to the Department of Environment in the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO-UN) in 2010.  UAE Official member in the Committee of Aviation Environment Protection (CAEP-ICAO) since 2016.

Dr. Ali Elchaar

Dr. ALI ELCHAAR holds a Ph.D. in Environmental Aviation studies and works as an Aviation Environmental Protection Expert at the Omani CAA. He is in charge of environmental concerns and provides technical support to the CAA AEP team. Before occupying this role, Dr. ELCHAAR was acting as the Head of the General Climate Section and the National Focal Point for SAP and CORSIA at the Lebanese CAA, where he started in 2000. He has extensive research and consulting experience in Aviation Environmental Protection, especially in the development and deployment of SAF, Urban Climatology, Environmental pollution, and wastewater treatment. He has published more than 15 peer-reviewed journal papers and books.

Dr. Firas Al-Abduwani  

As the Director General of Renewable Energy and Hydrogen at the Ministry of Energy and Minerals, Dr. Firas Al-Abduwani is responsible for shaping and implementing the public policies that support Oman's transition to a low-carbon economy. Al-Abduwani oversees the policy making process covering the electricity market, energy efficiency, renewable energy, low carbon hydrogen, CCUS, the certification of electrons and molecules, EVs and energy storage. With over 15 years of experience as a co-founder, CEO, and board member of various companies in the telecom and energy industries.

Ghalib Al Maamari  

Mr. Ghalib Al Maamari is A Vice President Low Carbon Molecules at OQ Alternative Energy, part of OQ Group, an integrated energy company specialising in sustainability and business excellence. Prior to his role at OQ Alternative Energy, he worked as the VP of Information & Digital Solutions where he spearheaded the digital transformation journey of OQ. Previously, he worked for the Implementation Support and Follow-up Unit, Takamul Investment Company and Occidental Petroleum Corporation.

Oskar Meijerink 

Oskar Meijerink is the head of Future Fuels at SkyNRG, a pioneer and global leader in the development of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF). The Future Fuels team runs over a dozen projects with the aim of developing new SAF production capacity in cooperation with technology suppliers and other partners. The aim of these projects is the commercialization of future SAF production pathways by assessing the technological and economic viability and the development of opportunities for new production capacity in the future. 

Mohamed Al Ghailani 

Mohamed Al Ghailani is based in Dubai as Boeing’s global sustainability policy & partnerships regional lead for Middle East, Türkiye and Africa. His role focuses on scaling up sustainable aviation fuels and forming the right partnerships with stakeholders to achieve the industry-wide aviation sustainability goals. He joined Boeing in 2017 to work with the Environmental strategy and the sales & marketing team in Seattle.

Gilles Biot 

Gilles Biot, Environment and Sustainability Marketing Manager Gilles Biot is an aerospace engineer graduated from the French ISAE Supaero in Toulouse. He joined Airbus in 2006 as an engineer working in different functions of the Design Office such as the Future Projects Office and the Powerplant Centre of Competence. He is now working in the Commercial and International Directorate, in the Marketing organization where he is specialized in sustainability and sustainable aviation fuels. Gilles is raising awareness on the challenges and solutions to the industry’s decarbonisation objective. 

Ali Alkhaifi

Ali Al-Khaifi, Director of the Integrated Management System at Oman Airports, is honored to be a featured speaker at the Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) Conference organized by Oman CAA. As a key representative of Oman Airports, with over 11 years of experience in aviation and environmental sustainability, he has been driving the airport’s environmental sustainability in governance and initiatives in Oman Airports across 7 airports. 

Capt. Maurizio Pezzoni

Capt. Maurizio Pezzoni is a fuel specialist analysist with more than 20 years of Airline experience in optimization of international and domestic route, implementation of all the Airbus Green operations Procedures and in charge of EU-ETS scheme and CORSIA in SalamAir. He hold a Phd in Aerospace Engineer and IATA aviation management with a solid knowledge of of propulsion engine and avionics system.

Kumayl AlLawati

Kumayl Ahmed Khamis Al Lawati is the Vice President of Business Development, at Oman Environmental Services Holding Company -be’ah. Under this role, he is responsible for developing the recycling industry, executing waste-to-energy projects, and creating investment opportunities within the industry. 

Dr. Nabil Al Bulushi 

Dr. Nabil Al-Bulushi currently holds the position of Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage (CCUS) Manager at Petroleum Development Oman (PDO). Nabil has around 20 years of industry experience, with tenures at Schlumberger Oilfield Services (now known as SLB), PDO, Shell International, and Saudi Aramco. 

Maher AlHabsi

The CEO of Wakud plant with 18 years of experience in waste management, collection, and recycling of cooking oils, motor oils, and chemicals. His extensive practical experience has made him the ideal choice to manage the first biofuel production plant in the Sultanate of Oman.

Yahya Ahmed Yahya Alhinai 

17 years experience in aviation sector. I have studied aerospace engineering and holding MBA certificate from Sultan Qaboos University. Worked as aircraft engineer for 6 years in Abu Dhabi Aircraft Technology (ADAT) and 11 years in the flight operations department (6 years in Etihad Airways and 5 years in Oman Air). Currently I’m the manager Operational Efficiency & Environment in Oman Air.

Karan Khimji

Karan leads technology-to-market activities at 44.01, ensuring that our innovative work finds a path to revenue generation. With experience in M&A and strategy consulting in the energy sector, Karan has advised a number of utilities and infrastructure funds across Europe and the Middle East in areas including decarbonization, renewable energy diversification, electricity and gas grid infrastructure, and energy retail.

Eng. Riyadh Al-Busaidi

Eng. Riyadh AlBusaidi is an efficiency engineer at the Ministry of Energy and Minerals With around 10 years of experience in Oil and gas as well as in the electricity sector transmission High voltage and distribution low voltage.

Currently responsible for energy strategy to support Oman's low carbon transition. 

Muhannad Al Hinai

Director of Hydrogen Policies and Strategies in Ministry of Energy and minerals. 

Dr. Ahmed Al-Busaidi

Researcher in the Department of Soils, Water and Agricultural Engineering, College of Agricultural & Marine Sciences, Sultan Qaboos University, Oman. He has a PhD. in Bioenvironmental Science, Tottori University, Japan,  M.Sc. in Soil and Water Management, Sultan Qaboos University, Oman and B.Sc. in Soil and Water Sciences, Sultan Qaboos University, Oman.  

Rumaitha Al Busaidi

Rumaitha Al Busaidi is an Omani scientist and environmental advocate working on sustainable solutions to climate change. Her 2021 TED talk examining women as key to our climate future has garnered more than a million views. Rumaitha currently serves as Business Development Manager at Hydrom, the orchestrator of green hydrogen development in Oman. 

Dr. Intisar Al Sulaimi

Dr. Intisar Al-Sulaimi currently serves as the Senior Process Engineer at Nama Water Services Company. She holds a doctoral and master's degree in Environmental Engineering from Sultan Qaboos University, as well as a bachelor's degree in Chemical and Process Engineering from Sultan Qaboos University. 

Dr. Alejandro Ríos G.

Alejandro Ríos is the Director of the Sustainable Bioenergy Research Consortium (SBRC) at Khalifa University of Science and Technology (KU). The SBRC was established in 2011 and has as its founding members The Boeing Company, Etihad Airways and UOP-Honeywell, that together with Safran, GE, ADNOC Refining and Bauer Resources, are spearheading research in the use of salt water and halophytes for the production of sustainable aviation fuels. He is also working to establish the SAF industry in the UAE by focusing on the locally viable pathways, including Power-to-Liquids and synthetic fuels, and by working and collaborating with many of the relevant stakeholders in the aviation industry.

John Jones

The founder and CEO of X2E company, where the company is dedicated to finding solutions for clean energy. He is also a serial entrepreneur and the founder of companies such as Utopia Mother X and SEM Energy Ltd.

Dr. Rashid Al Hajri

Dr. Rashid Al-Hajri is the Head of the Petroleum and Chemical Engineering Department and an Associate Professor at Sultan Qaboos University, Oman. He obtained his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from Imperial College London in 2010. His research involves energy production, and conversion, CO2 capture and utilization, and process optimization. He also serves as a consultant for the Oil & Gas industry, focusing on enhancing heavy oil recovery, natural gas treatment, and energy efficiency. Dr. Al-Hajri actively contributed to youth development in Oman as the Chairman of the National Youth Commission from 2016-2018.

Dr. Mohammed Zahir Al-Abri 

Dr. Mohammed Zahir Al-Abri is an Associate Professor in Petroleum & Chemical Engineering Department, College of Engineering at Sultan Qaboos University (SQU), Oman. In addition to his academic position, he is the Founder and Director of Nanotechnology Research Center, SQU. He completed all his tertiary education from University of Nottingham (UK) from 2003-2007.

Mubarak Saleh Al-Ghelani 

Mubarak Saleh Al-Ghelani, Director General of Civil Aviation Regulations, Oman CAA

With 27 years of experience in the aviation industry, the First Vice Chairperson of the ICAO Middle East Regional Aviation Safety Group,

His responsibilities include overseeing Oman CAA's preparations for the International Civil Aviation Organization Universal Safety Oversight Audit Program Continuous Monitoring Approach (ICAO-USOAP-CMA).