Mohamed Al Ghailani

Mohamed Al Ghailani is based in Dubai as Boeing’s global sustainability policy & partnerships regional lead for Middle East, Türkiye and Africa. His role focuses on scaling up sustainable aviation fuels and forming the right partnerships with stakeholders to achieve the industry-wide aviation sustainability goals. He joined Boeing in 2017 to work with the Environmental strategy and the sales & marketing team in Seattle. Mohamed holds a B.Sc. in chemical engineering and a M.Sc. in chemical and environmental engineering. Merging his enthusiasm for travel and aviation with his skills in chemical engineering and sustainability, his thesis focused on the production of sustainable aviation fuel in dry conditions. Having lived in seven countries and visited more than fifty, Mohamed enjoys learning about cultures, geopolitics and working on international projects. After participating in COP21 and COP22, Mohamed took on the responsibility of coordinating the aviation sector’s interactions during COP27 and building momentum towards COP28. He recently concluded a short term assignment as Senior Specialist to the COP28 team on Hard to abate sectors with a focus on transport.