Day 2

 Forum of innovation support on sustainable & low-carbon aviation fuel and clean energies in the civil aviation sector.

“Clean fuel for sustainable aviation”

DATE: 11 October 2023

EVENT LOCATION: Multipurpose Hall, CAA, Muscat, Oman

DAY Two 

Wednesday , 11 OCTOBER 2023 

Session 2

Local deployment and development of SAF, including low-carbon aviation fuels: feedstock insights’

During this session, we will discuss the local experiences where raw materials suitable SAF production have been used as well as the relevant policies and future plans.  

08:30- 10:15

a. Local experiences that can be built upon:

1. Opportunities and Challenges associated with Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage: PDO experience, Dr.Nabil Albalooshi, PDo. 

2. Be'ah experience in the production of biofuels: raw materials, current experiences and future plans, Mr.Kumail Al.Lwati, Be'ah

3. The experience of Wakud company in the production of biofuel: raw materials, opportunities,   and challenges, Mr.Maher Al.Habsi, Wakud CEO

4. How carbon mineralisation can support aviation’s journey to net zero, Mr, Karan Kimji, 44.01 

5. The experience of cultivating jatropha for its use in the production of sustainable fuel, Dr. Ahmed Albusaidi, SQU

Moderator: Ms.Jane Hupe, Deputy Director of Environment, ICAO 


10:45- 12:30

b. Relevant policies and future plans:

1.  Future of Renewable energies in the Sultanate of Oman, Mr. Riyadh Al-Busaidi, MEM

2.  Localization Opportunities in Green Hydrogen, Ms. Rumaitha Albusaidi, Hydrom

3.  CCUS in the Sultanate of Oman: National Policies and Legislation, Mr. Muhannad Al.Hinai,MEM

4. Plans of biofuels production in NAMA Water Services, Dr. Intisar Alsuliamai, NAMA

5.  Future of converting Waste-to-aviation fuel in the Sultanate of Oman, Mr. John Jones, X2E

Moderator: Eng. Maryam AlBalooshi


Session 3

Deployment and Development of Sustainable and Low-Carbon Fuels Locally: Means of Support and Implementation

During this session, support and implementation mechanisms will be discussed, including policies, financing, scientific research and capacity building that contribute to enhancing the deployment and development of sustainable, low-carbon aviation capacity. 

12:50- 14:20

1.  Promoting the development and deployment of SAF, including low-carbon aviation fuels and other cleaner energy sources, Ms.,Jane Hupe, ICAO

2. Low Carbon and sustainable aviation fuel: Moving forward, Dr. Alejandro Ríos G, UAE

3. The Archie initiative: how basic research lead to the creation of LCAF, Dr. Al Hassan Badahdah, KSA

4. How can we enhance scientific research and production of sustainable, low-carbon aviation fuel in Oman?, Dr. Mohammed Zahir Al-Abri, SQU

Moderator: Dr. Rashid Al Hajri, Sultan Qaboos University


14:30- 15:00

Closing Session

1. Forum outputs and recommendations.

2. Honoring moderators of sessions and speakers.

Moderator: Mubarak Saleh Al-Ghelani, CAA 

Lunch Break

End of Forum