Ali Alkhaifi

Ali Al-Khaifi, Director of Integrated Management System at Oman Airports, is honored to be a featured speaker at the Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) Conference organized by Oman CAA. As a key representative of Oman Airports, with over 11 years of experience in aviation and environmental sustainability, Ali Al Khaifi has been driving the airport’s environmental sustainability in governance and initiatives in the Oman Airports across 7 airports. Ali is the airports representative of OIA De-carbonization forum and engaging with the Oman National Program for Net Zero to support achieving the Oman 2050 net zero ambitious target. Ali Al-Khaifi's expertise extends to various aspects of sustainability, including operations excellence, business excellence and resilience. Through his career, Ali is currently managing the carbon management program which tracked Airport emission since 2017.

During the SAF Conference, Ali Al-Khaifi will delve into the anticipated challenges and the potential opportunities for airports in the SAF. He will share valuable insights and research to help advance sustainable aviation practices.